Mark Wiens In The Kitchen

July 22, 2013

When most people make breakfast, they eat it.  When photographer Mark Wiens makes breakfast, it becomes the newest subject for him to shoot in his studio.  After his toaster burnt his morning meal, Mark used the toast as well as the toaster to capture two diverse and appealing images of these everyday kitchen items.


Mark Wiens and Corona Familiar Beer

September 10, 2012

Photographer Mark Wiens created some fun and refreshing images for a promotional kit for Corona Familiar Beer. Kits were available in taverns that came with 2 bottles of beer, an ice bucket, branded glasses and limes.


Mark Wiens in American Photography 28

June 4, 2012

Mark Wiens’ Fried Eggs has been included in the American Photography 28 book.


Mark Wiens Photographer of the Month on One Eyeland

May 8, 2012

Mark Wien’s photograph of Asian sea weed as seen on the One Eyeland website, an online source book that is virtual eye candy for exceptional photographs by the finest photographers worldwide.


Mark Wiens Photographer of the Week, Picture of the Day, Picture of the Week One Eyeland

April 29, 2012

Mark Wiens was selected as Photographer of the Week, Picture of the Day and Picture of the Week on One Eyeland.


Sandro, Mark Wiens and Steven Wohlwender honored in Archive’s Best 200 Ad Photographers

April 18, 2012




Schumann & Company is thrilled to announce that Sandro , Mark Wiens and Steven Wohlwender have been honored in “200 Best Ad Photographers” by Luerzer´s Archive magazine.


Mark Wien’s hatchet trick

April 18, 2012

Shooting for Field & Stream, Mark Wiens wanted to photograph a hatchet mid-throw as it plummeted through the air. Mark mounted the hatchet on a sliding, rotating arm so it could be photographed at various turns and angles.


The Perfect Pour with Delta Faucet

March 5, 2012

Photographer Mark Wiens dove into a unique water project for Delta Faucet that involved solving several technical challenges. Needing an image that showed the Delta faucet turned on as it filled a glass with water, Mark worked with special effects expert, Geoff Binns-Calvey to engineer a set where each component of the final image can be controlled separately but still working all on one set.


Mark Wiens’ 3-D trash

December 13, 2011

Our self proclaimed “lover of trash” Mark Wiens has photographed another piece of rubbish that would normally go unnoticed to the naked eye. Spotting a used foil pan in the trash can of his studio, Mark photographed the discarded container and created something beautiful.


Mark Wiens at the post office

August 19, 2011

Mark Wiens’ red door image can now be seen at your local post office. Shot earlier this year for Draft FCB, Mark combined location and studio shooting to capture the red door in perfect scale as a front door sized down to the scale of a postal box.