Mark Wiens


New Work from Mark Wiens

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Mark Wiens In The Kitchen

When most people make breakfast, they eat it.  When photographer Mark Wiens makes breakfast, it becomes the newest subject for him to shoot in his studio.  After his toaster burnt his morning meal, Mark used the toast as well as the toaster to capture two diverse and appealing images of these everyday kitchen items.

Mark Wiens and Corona Familiar Beer

Photographer Mark Wiens created some fun and refreshing images for a promotional kit for Corona Familiar Beer. Kits were available in taverns that came with 2 bottles of beer, an ice bucket, branded glasses and limes.

The Perfect Pour with Delta Faucet

Photographer Mark Wiens dove into a unique water project for Delta Faucet that involved solving several technical challenges. Needing an image that showed the Delta faucet turned on as it filled a glass with water, Mark worked with special effects expert, Geoff Binns-Calvey to engineer a set where each component of the final image can be controlled separately but still working all on one set.