Follow Sandro’s Eyes of Morocco project on Tumblr

“Eyes of Morocco is inspired by the works of August Sanders and Irving Penn. These master photographers hit the streets in search of the workman, the laborer, and the baker – the men and women who worked hard to support their families and brought them into the studio where they told their stories.” – Sandro

For the next three weeks Sandro will be traveling the land of Morocco from the big cities, the country sides, the mountains and the Sahara Desert in search of 250 portraits of these same type of hard working people. He’ll be looking for occupations of all types from the brick layer to the circus clown to the snake charmer to the Shepard. He will document street life, mountain life and desert life. He will live amongst the people for this month becoming them and immersing himself in their culture.

We invite you to follow Sandro on Tumblr as he creates these 250 magnificent portraits. See how the project has progressed since his departure on November 10th….